Monday, January 30, 2012

My 2012 Kuhapdo Cutting Challenge

My Kuhapdo Challenge for 2012: 250,000 training cuts by December 31, 2012! That's about 750 cuts everyday! Not hyung, just training cuts...warmup, kibon yun sup - lets see if its doable...anyone else up for the Challenge?? It doesn't sound too hard does it?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Safety is not always a click away...

It occurred to me that in a day and age when we do things faster, more electronically, and often with less and less interaction with other actual people, we have come to believe that our bodies can be protected with the click of a mouse like our cars and homes.  This could not be further from the truth.
The reality is that we need to learn how to defend ourselves with another person to use for is something that cannot be easily learned from a DVD or live stream on the internet.  And as much as people look around at the world, with all the problems in modern society, I am always amazed that people put a higher value on insuring objects rather than themselves.  More amazing is that people will spend huge amounts of money on life insurance - and nothing to insure their safety in the here and now.
Don't you think that your family and friends would rather have you than a check?
Moreover, even when people do want to learn self defense, they just want the option that close to home, it doesn't matter if it works - they will spend more time looking at online menus for restaurants than caring if the self defense they are interested in actually works...that might mean spending time looking up the program, making a few calls...but honestly, its worth it - learning to defend yourself MATTERS - to you, your family anf friends, and finding a great program is worth the time - self defense is the kind of insurance NO ONE wants to use, but that we should all have!  OK, breath in, breath out...rant over.

I teach this program...BACKOFF! Self Defense  - this is our Facebook Page.  There are several other good programs out there, if you live in Chicago or New Orleans this is one you should check out.  Here is the instructor in New Orleans...Fitness Trainer Dalia Klimkowski

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